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Triple7 Suppress

Triple7 Suppress

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Triple7 Suppress SDS

A powerful and versatile odour eliminator

Unique plant based formulation destroys odours at the source without dangerous chemicals or additives.

  • Heavy duty odour elimination
  • Breaks down odours at the source
  • Contains no odour masking agents
  • Plant based formula
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-corrosive
  • Readily biodegradable

Breathe easy knowing unpleasant odours are gone for good, without harmful or toxic chemicals.

This heavy duty odour eliminator breaks down and removes strong odours – it doesn’t mask them with fragrances and chemical additives.

Safe and non-hazardous, Triple7 Suppress easily overcomes a wide range of tough to remove odours including paint fumes and Hydrogen Sulphide (“rotten egg” gas).

The extremely versatile formula can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces. Triple7 Suppress also removes odours form the air, and can be added to the washing machine for supremely fresh and odour-free laundry.

Triple7 Suppress is safe to use on most metal, plastic, fabric, natural fibres and sensitive surfaces.

Always test the solution on a small patch before use.



Triple7 Suppress can be applied via a hand sprayer, fogger, misting system, or in a secure open container.


Hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery

Spray Triple7 Suppress directly onto the odour source until the surface is lightly damp, avoiding saturation, Repeat when dry if necessary.



Add 30ml to a load of laundry for powerful odour removal.


Paint & solvent odours

Pour Triple7 Suppress in a secure open container and place in a safe position within the odour affected area.



Dilution rates vary according to the application, ranging from 1:10,000 for effluent treatment to full strength for collection well maintenance.

Triple7 Suppress can be sprayed directly within effluent tanks to destroy powerful hydrogen sulphide odours.


Further information

Please contact your supplier for additional usage details and dilution rates.

Triple7 Suppress has no HazChem rating. It is safe for people and the environment.

It is free of ferric salts, caustics, petroleum, phosphates, glycol ethers, ammonium compounds, terpenes and magnesium chloride.

Triple7 is 100% readily biodegradable. It is formulated from renewable resources.