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Spill Kits

Spill Kits

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We have a huge range of spill kits including portable carry bag spill kits, bucket spill kits, 120L wheelie bin spill kits, 240L spill kits and more.



Our carry bag spill kits have been designed to fit into small places - on a hook, behind a seat in a delivery van - wherever it's needed.  We've come up with three sizes (the 15L - the one use spill kit, 30L and 50L), all which come in three grades - general purpose, chemical and oil-only. 

These high vis yellow bucket spill kits are the solution to your workshops environmental needs.  Big enough to respond to a minor spill, these bucket spill kits can stand alone in the corner, be placed on the shelf, or put basically wherever you want.  Ideal for workshops, offices and vehicles.

Envirofluid's range of 120 and 240L wheelie bin spill kits come in three grades (general purpose spill kits, oil-only spill kits and chemical spill kits), and two types - standard and premium.  Also available is a monster sized kit - the 660L spill kit.  Packed with premium absorbents, all our spill kits will not let you down when you need them the most.

A must for first aid rooms, cleaning rooms, cleaners trolleys, work places, restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs and hotels our Bio-Hazard spill kit contains all the appropriate materials to safely clean up a body fluid spill. Designed to protect yourself and your staff or family from possible infections/diseases, these kits meet infection control and workcover guidelines.

Along with our huge range of spill kits we offer a large range of spill kit accessories including PPE, disposal bags and ties, carry bags and more.  Also available are spill kit covers.  These are ideal to protect your kits from the harsh seasonal elements, and mark your spill kits out as an emergency kit - not an empty rubbish bin.

We also offer fully customisable kits that will suit any special requirements.


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