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Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit

Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit

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Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit Brochure Upgrade your Existing Parts Washer Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit Installation

Designed to reduce waste disposal costs

  • Integral Recycling / Reuse System
  • Low Cost and Highly Effective
  • Cuts Waste Disposal Costs
  • Extends Solvent Life
  • Eliminates Typical Chemical Change-Over
  • Primary and Polishing Filter
  • Ambient Temperature Operation
  • Replaceable Filters


The Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit has a multi-stage filtration and is designed especially for recycling Purasolve solvents for re use.

The Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit is especially designed to reduce waste disposal costs and enable easier maintenance in parts washing / weapons cleaning applications.

The equipment consists of a sophisticated micro filtration process  and effectively removes oils and greases that are washed off the parts / weapons and that are dissolved in the cleaning solution. Solvent life extension becomes easy, effective and predictable.

The Purasolve Filtration System has a multi-stage filtration and replacement filters are available.

When used in conjunction with Purasolve Parts / Weapons Cleaning Systems and Purasolve Safety Solvents, this results in significant savings in through-life costs, along with protecting the health of the user.

The enhanced cleaning properties of Purasolve Safety Solvents together with the exceptional filtering and multiple user-accommodating properties of the dip tank holding the solvent has reduced the time it takes to clean a component or weapon by over 50%.

There is also a huge reduction per year per station in wastes disposed of or sent off site for recycling.  A payback period of less than 2 years is normal, whilst also improving worker safety through the removal of hazardous solvents and cleaning solutions.



Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit      Product Code: ESRFK      

Purasolve Resin Pre-Filter      Product Code: ESRPF      

Purasolve Secondary Filter     Product Code: ESFLT       

Improves Business

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost

Reduces disposal costs

Purasolve Safety Solvents can be filtered and re-used for up to 2 years, eliminating the typical 4-6 week chemical change-over.

Cost Saving

When using the Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit with Purasolve Safety Solvents significant cost savings are experienced, along with protecting the health of the user.

Improves Lives

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Protects your health

Using the Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit in conjunction with Purasolve Safety Solvents reduces toxic offgassing and risks from using dangerous solvents.

Enhances Workplace Safety

You can replace hazardous products without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Protects our Environment

As a result of the sophisticated micro filtration process in the Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit less toxic waste is generated.  Documented waste reduction averages 99% per installation for this waste stream.

Be Recognised

The Purasolve range, as opposed to other cleaning compounds, is environmentally compliant. Installations and units who currently use Purasolve products have frequently been nominated for and have received a variety of prestigious awards.

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications

The Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit system utilises a multi refined safety solvent developed specifically for Parts Cleaning and an innovative, solvent polishing filter system which significantly extends the life of the Parts / Weapons Cleaner safety solvent to 10 times that of typical parts cleaning solvents.

The leading edge filtration unit provides the user with a continuous flow of pure solvent, filtered to 0.1 of a micron, which eliminates any further cleaning with aerosol cleaning solvents to remove oily solvent residues, which is often required with conventional solvents.

Purasolve Parts Cleaning Solvent gives users the benefits of solvent cleaning without the hazards. It does not contain bacteria, eliminating the risk of disease propagation, and is solvent based, which provides corrosion protection for parts being cleaned.

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