The Future of Chemical Safety

19th May 2015 |


Welcome to a new future of safer, greener chemicals brought to you by the new look Envirofluid.

The change represents our renewed commitment to continue bringing you the best technology in chemical work safety and environmental compliance.

Over the coming weeks you’ll begin seeing a number of changes. The name update is accompanied by a new logo and an exciting refresh of our corporate identity. We’re also releasing new modernised packaging for our flagship brands: Triple7, Purasolve and ActiveEco.

In the short term you may receive a mixture of product from with both legacy labeling and new labeling – as we sell out of current stock. These variations in labeling, however, do not signal any change to product inside. Each product within our range will continue to be the same high quality worksafe product you’ve come to know and trust.



Triple7 brand logo Purasolve Brand Logo ActiveEco Brand Logo
Triple7 is our flagship brand for worksafe, eco-friendly cleaners, degreasers, maintenance and industrial chemicals. The Triple7 range is the ‘go to’ brand for the safest and greenest chemicals in every class. Purasolve continues to deliver a wide range of the world’s safest alternatives to toxic and dangerous industrial solvents. ActiveEco has significantly expanded its scope of specialist professional trade products. This includes a complete professional carpet cleaning range.


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