Triple7 Glass Shine

A high performance, bio-based glass and mirror cleaner

  • High-Tech, No Streak Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Super Concentrate
  • Non-Reactive to Surfaces
  • Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of
  • Increases Sustainability
  • Derived from Renewable Resources


Triple7 Glass Shine is a high performance, bio-based glass and mirror cleaning solution that leaves surfaces clean and polished without using toxic chemicals.



Triple7 Glass Shine can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Mirrors, windows, glass and glass surfaces.
  • Lenses and instrument photo cells.
  • Soaking solution for instrument components.
  • Delicate Crystal Surfaces.

The extreme concentration of this product makes it very cost effective.  For general cleaning applications, 1Litre of concentrate makes at least 10Litres of Ready to Use product.  Buying products in a concentrate form saves on storage space and transport costs, as well as lowering fuel emissions related to the transportation.

Standard Dilution Rates:

Triple7 Glass Shine is applied through a spray bottle or may be added to a wash bucket. The product can also be sprayed onto a cloth for wiping delicate surfaces and used as a soaking solution for instrument components. The recommended dilution is 1:10 with water, however, a more dilute solution may suffice in some applications.

Improves Business

Improves Business

Better Results, Better System Performance and Lower Costs

Cost Effective

Triple7 Glass Shine is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Safe for Equipment

Unlike caustic cleaners, Triple7 Glass Shine cleans without damaging the cleaning surfaces, seals or rubbers.

No Special Storage Requirements

Triple7 Glass Shine has no Hazchem rating so it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage.

Improves Lives

Improves Lives

Health Safety and Environmental Benefits

Safe for you and your Workers

Triple7 Glass Shine is a bio-based glass and mirror cleaner that does not contain chemicals determined by the EPA or OH&S to be carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens.  Triple7 Glass Shine does not contain petroleums, caustics or ammonia.

Enhances Workplace Safety

Triple7 Glass Shine is free of hazardous air pollutants and toxic fumes, protecting your health.  Triple7 Glass Shine creates healthier and more pleasant working environments by reducing toxins and allergens in the workplace, lowering the risk of chemical sensitivities from cleaning products.

Safe for the Environment

Triple7 Glass Shine contains no ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and the product is 100% biodegradable.

Improves Innovation

Improves Innovation

Enables New Applications


Because Triple7 Glass Shine is non-corrosive, it is safe for crystal, metals, rubber, seals and virtually all other surfaces.

Accreditations & Testimonials

Accreditations & Approvals

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation   download certificate

HACCP Food Safety Certified    download report


We use Triple7 Glass Shine and it leaves windows sparkling clean and streak free.  Our clients are more than satisfied.      Contract Cleaner

I use Triple7 Glass Shine in the kitchen and find the kitchen looks fresh and clean.  An excellent product and well worth buying.  Thanks a million.        Caterer

My mirrors stay cleaner for longer – an amazing product!    House Wife 

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5 L, 20 L, 200 L, 1000 L


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Cairns Height Safety introduced Triple7 Glass Shine as a substitute for traditional glass and mirror cleaner. The simple application process and highly effective performance of Triple7 Glass Shine resulted in a dramatic time reduction of 50%.