RAEME Spanner Club 27th July 2018

30th July 2018 | exhibit, safer alternatives, worksafe

The Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME) Spanner Club is an age old tradition to bring RAEME Craftsmen together to network and socialise with fellow craftsmen, and an opportunity to meet with suppliers of relevant products for the workshops.


Envirofluid and Blackwoods supported the RAEME Spanner Club held at the 7RAR workshops at Edinburgh on Friday 27th July, displaying the range of Envirofluid safety solvents and eco-friendly chemical cleaning solutions.

Team members from Envirofluid and Blackwoods were on hand to share trade knowledge, answer questions and suggest solutions to difficult cleaning problems and safety related issues with current chemical and solvent cleaning processes.

The event was the first of its kind for the RAEME Craftsmen in the Adelaide region for quite a number of years and included some friendly competitions, a barbeque lunch, drinks and some raffles during the afternoon.


With over 150 Army and RAAF tradies attending the event, it was an excellent opportunity to showcase our capability to the workshops and Envirofluid appreciated the opportunity to be part of this great day.