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Case Studies: Water & Wastewater Treatment

Envirofluid are leaders in water and wastewater management chemical technologies. We have helped hundred of businesses around the world create better business, health and environmental outcomes though improve oil water separation, reduced toxic runoff and better overall wastewater quality. We're also breaking new ground in the treatment of drinking water and sanitation of critical water supplies.

Complete Oily Water Separation Resulting in Enormous Cost Savings
Mining & Resources

30th January 2014 | oil water separation, wastewater, quick break degreaser

With the help of Envirofluid, this major mining company eliminated a major cost burden associated with its rail operation. By implementing our quick break degreaser technology FMG dramatically increased its oil water separator efficiency, improved cleaning results and protected worker health.

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Eliminating H2S Gas and Associated Risks with Minimal Capital Outlay
Water Authority

28th January 2014 | Hydrogen Sulphide, odour control, waste water

This Water Authority has reduced the levels of H2S gas dramatically. The authority was experiencing unacceptable levels of H2S and were getting complaints from the community ... they were looking at a major upgrade worth $150,000, but were able to eliminate the issue by simply dosing in Triple7 Odour Control Plus.

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Removing Health Risks and Offensive Odours of H2S Gas from Grease Traps
Park Hyatt Hotel

4th June 2013 | Hydrogen Sulphide, odour control, waste water

The elimination of odours with Triple7 Odour Control ensured the preservation of a pleasant working and staying atmosphere for workers and guests at the luxury hotel. The chemistry change also made for savings in labour and maintenance.

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Removing Clogging Issues from Media Filters
Recycled Wastewater Treatment Plant

2nd November 2012 | filter cleaning

With the help of Envirofluid, the water corporation identified and mitigated a major health risk while reducing costs and improving cleaning results. It achieved this result by substituting dangerous products with safe ones whilst improving filter performance.

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Removing Iron Bacteria from Irrigation Filters

7th August 2012 | remove iron bacteria

With the help of Envirofluid, a large irrigation company has removed an iron bacteria build up and returned their filter effectiveness to near new capacity. They achieved this without disassembling equipment saving on downtime. This provided huge cost savings whilst protecting worker health and the environment.

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Removing Iron Bacteria from a Centre Pivot Irrigator

13th March 2012 | iron bacteria, irrigation

From a blocked irrigator to clear water after only three weeks of treatment with 60Ltrs of Triple7 Envirobore.

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