Low hazard alternatives to commonly used industrial solvents.

This great range replaces toxic and dangerous products such as MEK, Acetone and Gun Wash as well as products containing carcinogens (cancer forming) including Benzene and its derivatives.

Low hazard doesn’t mean low performance. Purasolve solvents dramatically lower health risks for workers, whilst boosting productivity by being more effective and easier to handle than the chemicals they replace. Specially designed recyclable formulations can be reused for years, reducing chemical inventory and dramatically lowering disposal and environmental compliance costs.

For workers, Purasolve offers the peace of mind in knowing that their employer places their health and safety first. Most Purasolve products require little, if any, PPE, meaning that workers can get on with the job without complications.

For employers, Purasolve offers the ultimate option for ridding the workplace of solvent-based hazards. Almost all traditional solvents are inherently dangerous, and even with strict handling procedures accidents still happen. The best and most effective defence against solvent hazards is to reduce the risk by removing the chemical from the workplace altogether – that’s where Purasolve comes in.

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We’re deeply passionate about what we do, and why wouldn’t we be? Our mission is to lower the world’s reliance on toxic and dangerous chemicals by providing safer and more effective alternatives that improve
lives, improve business and drive innovation.

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