Bombardier De-Icing Rubber Boot Glue Removal | Comparing Purasolve Surface Prep & Toluene

29th July 2013 | glue removal, toluene

First Test

Two test areas: left side of leading edge of wing segment was cleaned with Toluene, the right hand side with Purasolve Surface Prep. Both products were applied and allowed to dwell for 30 seconds. Similar results for both products.


Second Test

Both products were applied and allowed to dwell for about 20 minutes (similar results for both products.
The rags in the centre were for test three.
The rags were wetted with Purasolve Surface Prep and allowed to dwell for some thirty minutes.

Third Test

Glue removal completed after 20 minute dwell time

The glue can be removed easily by hand or with a wetted rag without the need for the PPE and handling, storage and disposal costs that are required when using toluene.

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