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Free Lab Testing & Analysis | Limescale Build-up

  Left untreated Limescale or Calcium Scale build-up can be an expensive problem for industry. Scale deposits in pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers and cooling towers can reduce efficiency, damage equipment and lead to costly downtime. Fortunately the problem can usually be addressed quickly, cheaply and without the need for harsh or dangerous chemicals. If your […]

Chemical toxicity and assumed safety

Like many people, you may assume that the chemicals found in your home and work-place are safe. Chemicals appear in almost everything you interact with on a daily basis. From personal care products such as shampoo and toothpaste, to furniture, carpet, wall paint, cleaning products, adhesives and solvents. It seems reasonable to assume that if […]

Cost Savings and Superior Results with a Biobased Limescale Remover | Coal Mine

  How Envirofluid helped reduce costs and hazards at a coal mine A coal mine in northern Queensland was faced with a fire system that was blocked with a limescale build-up.  Triple7 Enviroscale Plus easily broke down the scale, outperforming the previously used hydrochloric acid based product.  Using the biobased product also removed the risk of corrosion […]

Laundry Product Comparative Trials at John Keells Hotel Chain

  The Triple7 Laundry product range was subjected to a competitive test by one of the leading hotel chains. The images below show the results were impressive, especially since the Triple7 product only required a 40°C wash cycle for 40 minutes. The trial consisted of three other competitors’ products which all took a minimum 1 hour 50 minutes […]

Is your wellbeing threatened by hidden toxic chemicals?

With tighter constraints on worker safety and environmental compliance chemical manufacturers are left with two options: Cover up their hazardous ingredients with ‘greenwashing’  OR Spend the time, effort and money on product development and testing to protect the community from unnecessary chemical exposure. Chemical exposure occurs too often in spite of all precautions by managers and […]