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Legal ruling on TCE in Parkinson’s case is a game-changer

A former Australian serviceman has been the first to receive the Navy’s acknowledgement that exposure to the industrial chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) during his service caused him to develop Parkinson’s disease. The recent decision by the Veterans' Entitlements Appeal Board could have far-reaching consequences for many Australian institutions and industries, including the possibility of class action […]

Busting the myths of chemical safety in the workplace

There are a number of dangerous myths about chemical safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, like many myths, these beliefs are common and ingrained in many organisations.  Busting some of these myths is an important step towards safer and healthier workplaces. Myth 1: If it’s familiar, it’s safe When things have been done a certain way […]

How can safer chemicals create healthier profits?

Removing dangerous and toxic chemicals in the workplace reduces health and safety risks to people, and pollution of the environment. Safer chemical substitutes help create healthier workplaces and a healthier planet. But did you know that safer chemical substitution can also have a positive impact on business bottom line? A common misconception is that safer, […]

Using common industrial solvents is dangerous and expensive

Many common industrial solvents in the workplace are dangerous for both people and the environment. Managing these risks can be expensive and time consuming for business. Chemicals such as Acetone, MEK, Toluene carry the risks of workplace illness and accidents, and environmental pollution fines and penalties. These solvents are still widely used for industrial cleaning […]

Chemical Risk Management: Hierarchy of Actions

Controlling chemical hazards The Australian Code of Practice “Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace” provides business with a number of ways to control the hazards associated with dangerous chemicals. Some control measures are more effective and reliable than others, so a Hierarchy of Action was developed which ranks control activities from highest to […]

Parts Cleaning Solvents – Health & Safety Risks

Parts cleaning is a common industrial task involving a range of parts cleaning solvents many of which can be toxic and hazardous. Parts washing chemical solvents often contain highly toxic and harmful ingredients which can lead to a range of serious health hazards and illnesses for workers, and significant legal and financial risks for business. […]

AIMEX 2013 – Safe Chemical Alternative Showcase

  The AIMEX Mining Show, held once every two years, is where Australian and international suppliers of mining technology, equipment and services come together with mining industry buyers and specifiers from throughout the Asia-Pacific region to explore mutually beneficial business opportunities, exchange technical information and network in an interactive business environment. Envirofluid showcased the range […]