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Using common industrial solvents is dangerous and expensive

Many common industrial solvents in the workplace are dangerous for both people and the environment. Managing these risks can be expensive and time consuming for business. Chemicals such as Acetone, MEK, Toluene carry the risks of workplace illness and accidents, and environmental pollution fines and penalties. These solvents are still widely used for industrial cleaning […]

Surface Cleaning Solvents – Why Vapour Pressure and Flash Point are Important

Cleaning hard metal surfaces to prepare them for painting, welding or inspection is a common and important task in some industries. For example metal surfaces must be completely free of impurities and contaminants before welding or an unsatisfactory, sub-standard strength join will be achieved. The process of surface cleaning is often a manual one, with […]

Parts Cleaning Solvents – Health & Safety Risks

Parts cleaning is a common industrial task involving a range of parts cleaning solvents many of which can be toxic and hazardous. Parts washing chemical solvents often contain highly toxic and harmful ingredients which can lead to a range of serious health hazards and illnesses for workers, and significant legal and financial risks for business. […]

Workplace responsibility – Toxic parts cleaning solvents

It is the responsibility of every workplace to be aware of all chemical toxins and hazards in order to evaluate and manage the risks to workers, and others who may be exposed. For every hazard identified there must be a plan for managing it. Parts cleaning solvents may contain a range of particularly harmful substances […]

Purasolve Filter Kit

Designed to reduce waste disposal costs Integral Recycling / Reuse System Low Cost and Highly Effective Cuts Waste Disposal Costs Extends Solvent Life Eliminates Typical Chemical Change-Over Primary and Polishing Filter Ambient Temperature Operation Replaceable Filters The Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit has a multi-stage filtration and is designed especially for recycling Purasolve solvents for reuse.

Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser – 750mL Aluminium Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle

A safer and smarter alternative to traditional aerosols. Cost effective alternative to aerosols Save money with bulk chemicals Easy to use sprayers Two convenient sizes available Pressurised with air No harmful propellants Quick and easy to re-fill atomisers Reduce empty aerosol can wastage Purasolve Eversafe is a rechargeable aerosol spray system capable of atomising a wide […]

Purasolve PS6 Parts Washer

The Purasolve Parts Washer PS6 is a versatile recycling solvent cleaning station incorporating: Three methods of cleaning – flexible hose, hand held brush and parts soaking Integral recycling micro-filtration extends solvent life Utilises fully recyclable safety solvents for ultimate worker safety Significant reductions in solvent usage and disposal cost The Purasolve Partswasher PS6 is a heavy duty Parts Washer Cleaning System […]

Purasolve Weapons Cleaner

A powerful fully recyclable weapons cleaning solution High-Tech Weapons Washing Solution Fully Recyclable Developed to Replace Dangerous Solvents for Weapons Cleaning Non-Flammable and Non-Explosive No Bacteria or Enzymes Low Odour Improves Worker Health & Safety Reduced PPE requirement Purasolve Weapons Cleaner is a fully recyclable, low vapour, benzene free, high purity hydrocarbon degreasing solvent for use in parts […]

Purasolve Surface Prep

Surface Preparation and Degreaser High-Tech Cleaning Compound Cleans Surfaces for Painting Developed to replace MEK, Acetone and other Dangerous Solvents Non-Explosive Slow Evaporating Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of Improved User Safety & Comfort

Purasolve SE

High performance, non-corrosive clay release agent. Purasolve SE is a plant-based formulation with high solvency power which is environmentally responsible and user-safe. This industrial solvent is designed to assist in releasing and removing of clay. Purasolve SE is also the ideal solvent for removing tar, gum, adhesives, grease, oil, ink and paint Purasolve SE can be used neat to loosen both organic […]