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How to remove Limescale from Pumps & Pipes

Pumps and Pipework affected by calcium and limescale can be chemically treated to remove deposits even if completely blocked, by using a combination of Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale. Both products are worksafe, non-toxic and do not contain harsh acids which can damage equipment or place workers at risk. Selecting a low corrosion de-scaling […]

Safe and Effective Wash Down and Cleaning At KiwiRail

Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and bio-based chemicals from Envirofluid were used to clean trains at KiwiRail. Both Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale Plus proved to be more than up to the task and were used to effectively and safely clean the trains without causing damage to surfaces, unlike other products. Improving Lives Triple7 Heavy Duty is […]

Free Lab Testing & Analysis | Limescale Build-up

  Left untreated Limescale or Calcium Scale build-up can be an expensive problem for industry. Scale deposits in pipes, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers and cooling towers can reduce efficiency, damage equipment and lead to costly downtime. Fortunately the problem can usually be addressed¬†quickly, cheaply and without the need for harsh or dangerous chemicals. If your […]

How to remove Limescale from Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Chillers

To remove limescale from heat exchangers, condensers and chillers we recommend chemical treatment with Triple7 Enviroscale. Triple7 Enviroscale is a formulation of surfactants and other worksafe chemicals that will not harm equipment or endanger workers. In contrast to most harsh and dangerous limescale removers Triple7 Enviroscale does not contain dangerous chemicals. Instead it utilises natural […]

How to Choose a Limescale Remover

Removal of limescale build-up can be achieved through mechanical or chemical descaling. Chemical descaling with a limescale remover is usually the fastest and most cost effective option. Mechanical scale removal is hard, time consuming work requiring dismantling of the equipment by expert technicians, manual cleaning and then more expert reassembly. This process is costly in […]

What is Limescale or Calcium Scale?

What is Calcium Scale or Limescale? Limescale (or Calcium Scale) is a hard, off-white chalky substance often found on the metallic parts of water-operated machinery. It is particularly common in machinery and equipment that involves heating elements (such as boilers) or heat transfer elements (such as heat exchangers). Limescale is also found in metal pipes, […]

Cooling Tower Limescale Treatment with Minimal Downtime and Increased Safety | Rio Tinto

  How Triple7 enabled Rio Tinto to reduce cleaning downtime Envirofluid was able to provide¬†Rio Tinto with a worksafe organic descaler blend which was guaranteed to not erode metal surfaces or create waste water treatment issues. Improving Lives The low risk acid blend especially designed with human safety in mind meant that minimal safety equipment […]