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The Very Real Problem of Plastic Pollution and What Can Be Done About it

Plastics have become such a common part of life for all of us. It is used as packaging for our food and drink, we bring them home from the supermarket, and to our workplaces, schools, or trips with family. They’re in our mobile phones, computers, containers, clothes, our kids’ toys, and even our toothbrushes. You […]

Legal ruling on TCE in Parkinson’s case is a game-changer

A former Australian serviceman has been the first to receive the Navy’s acknowledgement that exposure to the industrial chemical trichloroethylene (TCE) during his service caused him to develop Parkinson’s disease. The recent decision by the Veterans' Entitlements Appeal Board could have far-reaching consequences for many Australian institutions and industries, including the possibility of class action […]

Winner: Australian Mining Prospect Awards

Envirofluid has been awarded the winning place at the 2014 Australian Mining Prospect Awards for Excellence in Environmental Management. The prestigious nomination recognises the leading role Envirofluid has played in developing financially sustainable environmental improvements across the mining industry. Celebrating its 11th year, the 2014 Australian Mining Prospect Awards ceremony took place on Friday 24 October […]

Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques | Surfactants in the Chemical EOR Process

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is well known for its potential to unlock up to 80% of the world’s otherwise unrecoverable oil reserves. Current EOR methods include: Thermal EOR Steam Hot water flooding In situ combustion Gas EOR CO2 injection Air injection Other gas injection Injection of light hydrocarbons Chemical EOR Surfactant flooding Polymer displacement Alkaline […]