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Removing Limescale Build Up in a Commercial Laundry

  Envirofluid helps Remove Calcium Limescale Build Up in a Commercial Laundry A bio-based Triple7 product allowed a large commercial laundry operation to completely remove limescale build up on their filters, whilst saving on labour costs. Improving Lives Removing risks to maintenance staff by removing strong acids from their inventory and the removal of grinding wheels/brushes […]

Extreme Cost Savings Achieved in a Hotel Laundry | Four Seasons

What Envirofluid achieved with a Four Seasons Hotel partnership The laundry at one of the Four Seasons Hotels will generally undertake 45-50 wash cycles per day.  By using Triple7 Safewash Plus the hotel has been able to eliminate harmful chemicals that were damaging the Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) Systems as well as save thousands of […]

Laundry Product Comparative Trials at John Keells Hotel Chain

  The Triple7 Laundry product range was subjected to a competitive test by one of the leading hotel chains. The images below show the results were impressive, especially since the Triple7 product only required a 40°C wash cycle for 40 minutes. The trial consisted of three other competitors’ products which all took a minimum 1 hour 50 minutes […]

Removal of Hazardous Chemicals from Pipe Laundry’s

How Envirofluid assisted Manufacturers reduce Hazards and Expense EFS was able to provide various boat manufacturing companies with a group of three worksafe organic chemicals Triple7 Heavy Duty for Degreasing Triple7 EnviroScale for Pickling and Preservation Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner for Rust Protection Improving Lives The low risk chemistry blends especially designed with human safety in mind […]

Triple7 Safewash Powder

Bio-based Laundry Wash Powder High-Tech, Low Foaming, All Natural Laundry Powder Caustic, Phosphate & Bleach free Contains Natural Inbuilt Softener Used for Hand and Machine Washing Assists Effluent Systems Controls Odours in Grey Water Derived from Renewable Resources No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of Triple7 Safewash Powder is a high […]

Triple7 Safewash Liquid

High-Tech, Low Foaming, All Natural Laundry Wash Caustic, Phosphate & Bleach Free Woolmark Recognised Used for Hand & Machine Washing Assists Effluent Systems Controls Odours in Grey Water Derived from Renewable Resources No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients Contains Natural Inbuilt Softener Triple7 Safewash Liquid is a high performance, concentrated plant based laundry wash containing all natural ingredients.

Defence Materiel Soldier System Forum

  Environmental Fluid Systems was privileged to be invited to present at the Integrated Soldier Systems Forum in Melbourne, March 2014. General Manager Ben Ohlmeyer presented our range of safety and cost saving initiatives including Weapons Cleaning, Parts Washers and Laundry Washing options.  Our laundry wash option extends the life of garments and improves waste streams […]

How to remove Limescale from Pumps & Pipes

Pumps and Pipework affected by calcium and limescale can be chemically treated to remove deposits even if completely blocked, by using a combination of Triple7 Heavy Duty and Triple7 Enviroscale. Both products are worksafe, non-toxic and do not contain harsh acids which can damage equipment or place workers at risk. Selecting a low corrosion de-scaling […]

How to remove Limescale from Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Chillers

To remove limescale from heat exchangers, condensers and chillers we recommend chemical treatment with Triple7 Enviroscale. Triple7 Enviroscale is a formulation of surfactants and other worksafe chemicals that will not harm equipment or endanger workers. In contrast to most harsh and dangerous limescale removers Triple7 Enviroscale does not contain dangerous chemicals. Instead it utilises natural […]

What You Need to Know about Commonly Used Harmful Ingredients and their Uses

WARNING: Traditional water treatment, odour control and cleaning products are;  Hazardous  Toxic  Harmful  Pollutants Traditional cleaning chemicals cause . . . Employee Health – chronic ailments, debilitating illnesses, reproductive disorders, cancer. Environmental Issues – water pollution, death of marine life, eco-system imbalance, soil contamination, depletion of raw materials & ground-water fouling. Atmospheric Air Quality – ozone loss, global warming, […]