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Removing Iron Bacteria from Irrigation Filters

  With the help of Envirofluid, a large irrigation company has removed an iron bacteria build up and returned their filter effectiveness to near new capacity.  They achieved this without disassembling equipment saving on downtime.  This provided huge cost savings whilst protecting worker health and the environment. Improving Lives By using Triple7 Envirobore, the irrigation firm […]

Triple7 EnviroAg

A non-toxic, 100% bio-based product specially formulated for agricultural applications.  Reduces Effect of Saline on Turf, Etc.  Stimulates Plant Growth  Helps generate Stronger Root Systems  Restores Water Flow on Irrigation Systems  Increases soil percolation  Improves filtration resulting in less Frequency of Media Filtration Backwash Cycles Reduces BOD Levels  Triple7 EnviroAg is a high-performance surfactant chemistry that solubilises soil elements, aids in plant nutrient uptake and […]