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Common Chemicals Found to Cause Breast Cancer

A recent report published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives has found a wide range of breast cancer causing chemicals in every-day products including cleaners, building materials and even treated tap water. The study, which attempts to discover biomarkers for use in breast cancer epidemiology, bio-monitoring and prevention, has uncovered 17 chemicals which cause […]

Turning Blue to Fight Cancer in Men | Envirofluid Supports Blue September

From now until the end of September Envirofluid is helping fight cancer in men by financially supporting Blue September. To raise awareness of this worthy cause the company has also changed the colour of its popular Triple7 Odour Control product for a limited time. From now until the end of September, 5% of the sale […]

Supporting the Peter Mac Cancer Foundation

  Cancer affects people at all ages and from all walks of life.  With family members from the majority of Envirofluid’s team being affected by cancer at some stage in the past few years, we understand the suffering that cancer patients and their families face, so are pleased to support the Peter Mac Foundation anually. Our […]

Supporting the Research of Bowel Cancer

  Envirofluid is proud to support the Research of Bowel Cancer.  The number of people affected by bowel cancer is enormous, and this important research has the potential to assist many people.   Bowel Cancer Australia works to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in the community through advocacy, awareness, education, support and research. Unlike many […]

Supporting the American Cancer Society

  Envirofluid is proud to support the American Cancer Society organization which supports people with cancer and is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. For over 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with millions […]

Funding Bowel Cancer Research

Bowel Cancer is the second largest cause of cancer deaths in Australia. Environmental Fluid Systems is proud to help fund the Research of Bowel Cancer, assisting the experts to find ways of reducing the number of people affected.   Bowel Cancer Australia is a national charity with a mission to decrease the impact of bowel cancer in our community […]

Purasolve Precision Cleaner

Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non explosive, low hazard electrical contact cleaner and residue free safety solvent for precision electrical contact cleaning applications. Purasolve Precision Cleaner is a non-conductive, safe solvent developed to replace explosive solvents for residue free electrical contact cleaning. High tech electrical contact safety solvent  Slow evaporating for extended cleaning time  Last 10 […]

Envirofluid Working with the Australian Department of Defence to Eliminate and Reduce Health and Safety Hazards

In a letter addressed to Ben Ohlmeyer, Envirofluid CEO, the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Defence Industry, commended Mr. Ohlmeyer for his ongoing engagement with the department and his commitment to ensuring the safety of Australian Defence Force personnel. The letter was written in response to Mr. Ohlmeyer’s message to the Minister regarding brake […]

Brake Cleaner – Non-Chlorinated vs Chlorinated | How to choose between deadly & deadlier

Choosing a traditional brake cleaner poses a rather unsatisfactory question. Do you choose the flammable highly toxic one, or the alarmingly very highly toxic one? It’s not such a nice question to consider and, of course, there is no good answer – or is there? This article examines the conundrum facing buyers and users of […]

Tetrachloroethylene, a deadly danger in brake cleaner

  Tetrachloroethylene may be a chemical you’ve never heard of, but chances are pretty good that it’s a substance you’ve been in contact with, particularly if you use brake cleaner. Tetrachloroethylene (also called perchloroethylene or PERC) is an industrial solvent used for degreasing metals and dry cleaning fabrics. It is an ingredient sometimes found in […]