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Acetone Use for Welding Surface Preparation

Acetone is a common industrial solvent used to clean metal surfaces prior to welding. It effectively removes dirt, grease and staining from metals which allows for a better, and sometimes stronger, weld. Although Acetone is a highly flammable chemical it is widely used in welding workshops, mostly without injury or safety incident. For this reason […]

Eliminating Acetone Explosion, Fire and Serious Health Risks in Steel Fabrication | Forgacs Tomago Shipyard

What Envirofluid achieved with the Forgacs Shipyard partnership Forgacs maintained their welding standards whilst simultaneously removing the risk of fire and serious health issues to their workers. Because they used less product the change came at an overall cost saving to the business. Improving Lives By using Purasolve Surface Prep instead of Acetone, Forgacs avoided the risk […]

Purasolve Surface Prep

Surface Preparation and Degreaser High-Tech Cleaning Compound Cleans Surfaces for Painting Developed to replace MEK, Acetone and other Dangerous Solvents Non-Explosive Slow Evaporating Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of Improved User Safety & Comfort

Purasolve Paint Equipment Cleaner

Paint Operations Equipment Clean-Up Solvent High-Tech Paint Equipment Cleaning Compound Fully Recyclable (up to 100 times) Non-Hazardous Developed to Replace Dangerous Solvents for Paint & Resin Clean-Up Low Odour Improves Worker Health & Safety Reduced Disposal Costs Slow Evaporating Does not Dry Out Seals and Hoses Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of Reduced PPE Requirement […]

4 important reasons to make sure your cleaner or degreaser is eco safe

Are the cleaning and degreasing products in your workplace eco safe? These types of chemical products are likely to end up in drains from waste water run-off. Eventually they make their way into waterways such as streams and rivers, and ultimately to the sea. Here are 4 important reasons to make sure that the chemical […]

Busting the myths of chemical safety in the workplace

There are a number of dangerous myths about chemical safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, like many myths, these beliefs are common and ingrained in many organisations.  Busting some of these myths is an important step towards safer and healthier workplaces. Myth 1: If it’s familiar, it’s safe When things have been done a certain way […]

Using common industrial solvents is dangerous and expensive

Many common industrial solvents in the workplace are dangerous for both people and the environment. Managing these risks can be expensive and time consuming for business. Chemicals such as Acetone, MEK, Toluene carry the risks of workplace illness and accidents, and environmental pollution fines and penalties. These solvents are still widely used for industrial cleaning […]

Removing Graffiti Easily without Damaging the Substrate

We love to hear and share positive feedback from our customers. Here are before and after photos sent to us by a professional cleaner, Ross, who regularly removes graffiti from public buildings. Ross writes that he has tried many graffiti removal products and was unhappy with all of them – until he used Purasolve Graffiti […]

Finalists! 2014 NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards of Excellence

Envirofluid is proud to become a finalist in this year’s National Safety Council of Australia NSCA/GIO National Safety Awards. The awards are Australia’s longest running, independent awards, recognising outstanding Work Health and Safety initiatives. This year the NSCA received over 150 nominations making it a record year. There are 8 award categories with Environmental Fluid […]

Surface Cleaning Solvents – Why Vapour Pressure and Flash Point are Important

Cleaning hard metal surfaces to prepare them for painting, welding or inspection is a common and important task in some industries. For example metal surfaces must be completely free of impurities and contaminants before welding or an unsatisfactory, sub-standard strength join will be achieved. The process of surface cleaning is often a manual one, with […]