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Welcome to our New Branding

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Low Hazard, Non-Flammable Safety Solvents

> Low hazard alternative
> Easily replace MEK, Acetone, Gunwash and other toxic products
> Superior cleaning performance.

Safer, Cleaner Oil Spill Control & Clean-up

> A breakthrough in environmentally sustainable oil spill response methods
> Listed by AMSA for use in Australian waters
> Can also be used as a marine deck & equipment wash down

Heavy Duty Industrial Chemicals

> Scale Removal
> Oily Water Separation
> Equipment Wash Down

Building & Property Maintenance

> Staff & Customer Safety & Comfort
> Protection and Longevity of Surfaces
> Protection of Our Environment

Premium Tile, Concrete, Stone & Masonry Sealers

> Superior Protection against water & oil based contaminants
> Anti-Slip Properties

Risk & Cost Reduction that Improves Business

Our worksafe chemicals reduce Health & Safety risks, and WHS and environmental compliance costs. Safer substances mean easier and more efficient handling, increasing productivity and reducing waste.

Smarter, Safer Chemicals that Drive Innovation

We create safer products that can be substituted in situations where toxic and dangerous substances aren't appropriate. Our products are designed not only to be safer but also to be more targeted and effective with far fewer collateral effects. This opens up new realms of possibility for innovative thinkers.

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Worksafe Chemicals that Improve Lives

We improve lives by drastically reducing worksafety risks, as well as the long-term health risks casued by many common chemicals. We free workers from worry, and reduce the need for PPE, making people healthier, happier and more productive. Our products are also designed to be as friendly to the environment as they are to people.

Everything we do is designed
For a Better World

We have a vision for a better world - a world where toxic and hazardous chemicals are no longer commonplace.

We have relentlessly sought out the best science can offer to find responsible, high performance substitutes for some of the world’s most commonly used toxic and dangerous chemicals. We’re deeply passionate about what we do and why wouldn’t we be? What we do improves people’s lives, improves business, and opens up new realms of innovation - For a Better World.

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Greenwashing is the deceptive practice of dressing up harmful and/or toxic chemical products to create the impression of environmental safety and sustainability.
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It seems reasonable to assume that if a chemical product or additive was not safe you would be told about it. However, the fact is, most chemical products have not been independently tested for toxicity, in particular the long term health effects of ongoing exposure.
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Solutions for Property Management Cleaning Challenges
JEP at Hotel Show 2016
Envirofluid's partner in Sri Lanka, JEP, exhibited at the Hotel Show in Colombo. The professional team were displaying the chemical technology which is designed to bring cost-saving worksafe chemicals for operational cleaning and maintenance to the hospitality sector in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
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Busting the myths of chemical safety in the workplace
There are a number of dangerous myths about chemical safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, like many myths, these beliefs are common and ingrained in many organisations.
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